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Statement of Support

Published Mar 30, 2009


We, the undersigned, believe that broad dissemination of research results is fundamental to the advancement of knowledge. For America’s taxpayers to obtain an optimal return on their investment in science, publicly funded research must be shared as broadly as possible. Yet too often, research results are not available to researchers, scientists, or the members of the public. Today, the Internet and digital technologies give us a powerful means of addressing this problem by removing access barriers and enabling new, expanded, and accelerated uses of research findings.

We believe the US Government can and must act to ensure that all potential users have free and timely access on the Internet to peer-reviewed federal research findings. This will not only benefit the higher education community, but will ultimately magnify the public benefits of research and education by promoting progress, enhancing economic growth, and improving the public welfare.

We support the re-introduction and passage of the Federal Research Public Access Act.

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Institution ST Name Home State
University of Florida FL Gavin Baker  
Swarthmore College, Alum PA Nelson Pavlosky  
New York University NY Fred Benenson  
College of William and Mary VA Matthew Price  
University of Florida FL Mark Sisley FL
Hanover College IN Justin D OH
University of Michigan MI Nick Bartine IA
University of Arizona AZ Rebecca Blakiston AZ
Boston University MA David Schaich MA
Scripps College CA Karen Rustad MN
Chadwick High School CA D. Parker Phinney CA
St. Olaf College MN Chase Donaldson IL
St. Olaf College MN Alycia Yarnall AZ
St. Olaf College MN Rachel Conard WI
St. Olaf College MN Jenni Lutes MN
St. Olaf College MN Jenna Noonan MN
St. Olaf College MN Justin Smith WI
St. Olaf College MN Matt Rocklage SD
St. Olaf College MN Chris Ewald MN
St. Olaf College MN Lauren Ziehr MN
St. Olaf College MN Lisa Erlandson MN
St. Olaf College MN Jessica Fields MN
St. Olaf College MN Robin Bland WI
St. Olaf College MN Amanda Schilling MN
St. Olaf College MN Joe Cicchese MN
St. Olaf College MN Tristen Anderson MN
St. Olaf College MN Ingrid Anderson MN
St. Olaf College MN Krista Beier MN
St. Olaf College MN Robin Andersen MN
St. Olaf College MN Hannah Thiesen NM
St. Olaf College MN Peter Lynn MN
St. Olaf College MN Alex Dietz IA
St. Olaf College MN Eric Khuong OR
St. Olaf College MN Ana Gordon MN
St. Olaf College MN Jennifer Monson-Miller MN
St. Olaf College MN Tracy Churchill OR
Macalester College MN Rebekah M. Holmes MN
Emory University GA Brian Pitts GA
Los Angeles Mission College CA S. Moffitt CA
Michigan State University MI Xiaowei Zhang MI
University of Florida FL Eldo Varghese FL
St. Olaf College MN Nicole Boyd MN
Case Western Reserve University OH Jeremy Safran NY
University of California - San Francisco CA Elizabeth Buchen CA
University of California - Berkeley CA Edith Han CA
Duke University NC Lauren Browne NJ
Yale University School of Medicine CT Ramnath Subbaraman TX
Duke University NC David Watkins TN
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NC Aram Kim NC
Wesleyan University CT Emily Johnston PA
University of Georgia GA Julio Castillo  
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health MD Gila Neta MD
Columbia University NY Katrina Ciraldo FL
University of Pennsylvania PA Arthur Robinson Williams NC
University of Evansville IN Andrew Scudder MO
University of California - Berkeley CA William Andres Pomart CA
Wesleyan University CT Anne Fox NY
Indiana University School of Medicine IN Andrea Fisher IN
Columbia University NY Matt Alexander CA
University of California - San Diego CA David Minh CA
Middlebury College VT William Motley NY
Quality Schools International   Doa Dincoglu  
SUNY Albany NY Ajish George MD
Pennsylvania State University PA Maria Lopez MO
The Rockefeller University NY Duncan Smith  
St. Olaf College MN Anna Oestreich MN
St. Olaf College MN Rebecca Barclay MN
University Leiden Netherlands Liesbeth Hammega  
Marquette University WI Christopher Hoff IL
University of Georgia GA Mohammad Rahman NY
Hunter College NY Arielle Ginsberg NJ
MCI Iraq Taif AlShakir Erbil
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NC Greg Hogan FL
SUNY at Buffalo NY Thomas Loehfelm NY
Boston University MA Michael Lynch MA
Wesleyan University CT Susanna Ronalds-Hannon MA
Texas Tech University TX Christopher Guertler TX
California Institute of Technology CA Dylan Morris CA
University of Hawaii HI Eric Lee HI
St. Olaf College MN Lauren Kunz MN
St. Olaf College MN Lindsay Graham IA
St. Olaf College MN Eric Scholten IA
St. Olaf College MN Paul Gladen MN
St. Olaf College MN Mary Welch WI
St. Olaf College MN Brittany Hawke MN
University of Pennsylvania PA Parris Humphrey CA
Chadwick School CA Jan Ornstein CA
Chadwick School CA Allsten Wright CA
Chadwick School CA Jason Kennor CA
Chadwick School CA Ashley Nendick CA
Chadwick School CA Aaron Lee CA
Chadwick School CA Mark Sonnenblick CA
Chadwick School CA Zoe Nagoette CA
Chadwick School CA Danielle Kravtnamer CA
Chadwick School CA Juliana Stone CA
Chadwick School CA Miya Jin CA
Chadwick School CA Chrystal Jordan CA
Chadwick School CA Isabella Hsu CA
Chadwick School CA Kimberly Chuang CA
Chadwick School CA Sally Yoshimuia CA
Chadwick School CA Elise Gibbs CA
Chadwick School CA Nikki Lane CA
Chadwick School CA Stevee Eads CA
Chadwick School CA Spencer Chan CA
Chadwick School CA Carolyn Simmons CA
Chadwick School CA Beckie Newmann CA
Kent State University OH Silvia de Cardenas OH
National Taiwan University Taiwan Yu Chun Ying Taiwan
Caltech CA Erika Miranti IL
Chadwick School CA Stacie Djordjevic CA
Chadwick School CA Kelly Owen CA
Chadwick School CA Erica Reiss CA
Chadwick School CA Schaefer Felix CA
Chadwick School CA Garrett Wymore CA
Chadwick School CA Cameron Yu CA
Chadwick School CA Reid Martin CA
Chadwick School CA Tyson Sacco CA
Chadwick School CA Tyler Kantor CA
Chadwick School CA Breanna Perlmutter CA
Chadwick School CA Andrew Inadoimi CA
Chadwick School CA Tyelise Dorsey CA
Chadwick School CA Rachael Derogatis CA
Chadwick School CA Zoe Hamilton CA
Chadwick School CA Marisa Melideo CA
Chadwick School CA Samantha Mocega CA
Chadwick School CA Mia Germ CA
Chadwick School CA Robert Naselhont CA
Chadwick School CA Chip McDermott CA
Chadwick School CA Brian Shaw CA
(129 signatures as of March 4, 2007)


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