Alliance for Taxpayer Access

Call to action: Tell Congress you support the Bipartisan Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR)

We are hopeful that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee will take up S. 779/H.R. 1477, the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR) in the coming weeks. This bill would accelerate scientific discovery and fuel innovation by making articles reporting on publicly funded scientific research freely accessible online for anyone to read and build upon.

More details on the bill can be found here.

Below are ways in which you can help pass FASTR and spread the word about the positive effects this legislation will have on research, the academic community, entrepreneuers, students, and the general public. Now is the time to reach out to your Members of Congress and tell them at they should support S. 779!

1. Call your Members of Congress and express your support for FASTR. You can reach them by calling the US Capitol's switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asking for your Senators.

Here are some talking points for your call, which likely won't take more than 30 seconds:  

  • My name is ...... and I am a resident / student / business owner / researcher in {INSERT CITY & STATE}.
  • I am urging Senator ________ to support S.779, the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act, also called the FASTR Act.
  • FASTR would ensure that all citizens have access to the results of federally funded research that their tax dollars pay for and this increased access to information will result in for greater scientific discovery, promotes innovation, generate jobs and allow for economic growth.  
  • As a student/business owner/researcher / parent, FASTR would positively impact me <insert your own reasons or stories>
  • Again, I urge Senator ________ to support the FASTR Act.   

2. Engage your Senators on social media by tweeting at your elected officials about FASTR using the hashtag #MoveFASTR, or post about the bill on Facebook. You can find a list of all the twitter accounts for Congress here.

Here are some useful tweets that you can use -- 

[name of group] urges Senate to #MoveFASTR and make taxpayer funded research available to all #OpenAccess

.@[Your senators' twitter account] FASTR represents the next step forward in the competitiveness agenda. It’s time to pass it! #OpenAccess #MoveFASTR

.@[Your senators' twitter account] FASTR codifies @WhiteHouse Directive to provide greater public access to taxpayer-funded research. #MoveFASTR

.@[Your senators' twitter account] Job growth generated by FASTR will spread across broad sectors of the economy, from ag to ed. Pls pass it! #MoveFASTR

.@[Your senators' twitter account] FASTR spurs innovation and encourages job creation.  Time 2 move it to the Senate floor 4 a vote! #OpenAccess #MoveFASTR

.@[Your senators' twitter account] FASTR provides additional transparency on federal spending. Pass it out of committee today! #OpenAccess #MoveFASTR

.@[Your senators' twitter account] FASTR ensures permanency of public access to scientific research once and for all. Let’s get it done! #MoveFASTR 

You can also post these messages on your Senators' facebook pages.

3. Write a letter of support for this legislation and send it to your Senators.

You can find a draft letter of support at You can modify this letter to include ways open access has impacted your life or could impact your life if FASTR were passed. You can find your Senators' contact information to submit the letter at the following link:

If you have any questions about any of the action items above, please contact Shawn Daugherty at or at 202.296.2296.