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The Alliance for Taxpayer Access is available to assist you in writing articles about this developing movement. ATA can supply you with contacts from our diverse membership who'll describe their powerful motivations for joining together to support taxpayer access to biomedical research. For an interview, contact Jennifer McLennan, Director of Communications for SPARC (ATA founding member) by email (jennifer [at] taxpayeraccess [dot] org) or call (202) 296-2296 ext. 121.

Recent Stories:

(March 5, 2009) Research copyright bill would end free health info, from the Detroit Free Press.

(March 6, 2009) A New Push to Unlock University-Based Research, from the Chronicle of Higher Education

February 26, 2009
The Hoya
No Taxation Without Information
by Keith Donovan

February 25, 2009
The Huffington Post
Bill Before Congress May Close Medical Research to Average American
by Esther Wojcicki

February 24, 2009
Financial Times
Misunderestimating open science
by James Boyle

February 19, 2009
Association of Health Care Journalists
AHCJ: Proposal would be blow to public access
by Pia Christensen

February 19, 2009
The Scientist
Online access = more citations
by Elie Dolgin

February 17, 2009
Library Journal
In New Letter, Library Associations Voice Strong Opposition to Anti-NIH Bill
by Andrew Albanese

February 12, 2009
Rep. Conyers, Once Again, Trying To Lock Up Federally Funded Research
by Mike Masnick

February 10, 2009
Congress Matters
Tracking a Bill: H.R.801, Repealing Open Access to NIH-funded Science

February 9, 2009
The Washington Post
Federal Players: The NIH's David Lipman
From the Partnership for Public Service

February 9, 2009
The Scientist
Heather Joseph A & A: An Open Access Advocate Discusses Why She Feels Overturning the NIH Policy Would be a Big Mistake
Free registration required for access

February 8, 2009
The Washington Post
I'm Battling Cancer. How About Some Help, Congress?
A letter from Patrick Swayze

February 6, 2009
ARS Technica
Congress may slam door on NIH research open access policy
by John Timmer

February 5, 2009
The Scientist
Anti-Open Access Bill is Back
Free registration required for access

February 5, 2009
GenomeWeb Daily News
Bill Against NIH Open-Access Policy Back in House
by Matt Jones

February 5, 2009
Library Journal
New Wrinkles as Bill Banning NIH-Like Public Access Resurfaces
by Andrew Albanese

February 5, 2009
Public Knowledge
Anti-Open Access Bill a Real Head-Scratcher
by Gigi Sohn

February 4, 2009
Tech Daily Dose
Conyers Fights NIH Internet Mandate

February 1, 2009
Autism Speaks
Groundbreaking Policy Brings Research Findings to the Public
from Top 10 Autism Research Events of 2008

January 27, 2009
PLoS Biology
The Publishers' Pushback against NIH's Public Access and Scholarly Publishing Sustainability
by John Willinsky

January 6, 2009
Library Journal
Honorable Mentions: The LJAN Top Ten Stories of 2008, 4-10. NIH Public Access Policy Enacted, Challenged