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Thank FRPAA's introducing co-sponsors

Published Feb 10, 2012

Please take a few moments to thank FRPAA's introducing co-sponsors for their leadership on public access, even if you don't live in their district.  A strong showing of support from our community will help encourage our champions to lobby their colleagues in Congress aggressively for FRPAA's passage.  Contact information for each of our introducing sponsors is below.

You can thank the sponsors in a number of ways.  First and foremost, you can use our template thank you letter to create your own which you can submit to the offices either through their webforms (you can use the address of their district office as a stand-in if you don't live in their district) or by faxing it.  You can also post a short thank you to their Facebook page or on Twitter.  Finally, you can call the sponsors' offices to let them know you appreciate their support for public access.





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Amy C. Lossie
Feb 12, 2012 1:36pm [ 1 ]

Dear Senator Cornyn, Senator Wyden, Senato Hutchinson, Representative Doyle, Representative Yoder and Representative Clay,

Thank you for sponsoring the FRPAA bill. As a scientist, my public university pays millions of dollars/year to ensure that I have access to current scientific literature. These payments grow by 10% each year, and the publishing houses continue to incur upwards of 30% profit margins. Scientific discoveries progress not through hiding data, but through free sharing of results. However, most taxpayers cannot access these articles without paying a high cost, which is typically $30-50 per article. By making scientific discoveries available for all, your bill truly supports the interests of the government, scientists and the people.

Thank you,

Amy C. Lossie

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