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Template FRPAA Sponsor Thank You Letter

Published Feb 10, 2012


[Your name & address]


[Legislator's Address]

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Dear Senator / Representative ,

I am writing to applaud you for introducing [S. 2096 OR H.R. 4004], "The Federal Research Public Access Act of 2012," which will ensure all U.S. taxpayers have free and timely access to articles reporting the results of government-funded research projects.

[Add information about you or your organization and why public access is important to you specifically]. 

Your bill will significantly expand access to critical research information and help to accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation.  During tight budgetary times, your legislation will also help ensure all government departments and agencies that invest significant sums in extramural research will achieve a greater return on their investment.

Thank you for your leadership on the important issue of public access to federally funded research.  Please don't hesitate to let me know how our community can be of assistance in building support for [S. 2096 OR H.R. 4004].  We look forward to working with you to secure its passage.


[your name]


cc. [your representative – see www.house.gov]


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Victor Santiago
Feb 12, 2012 4:45pm [ 1 ]

Thank for being reasonable and supporting science.

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